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By On February 19th, 2015

Children With Type 1 Diabetes Have Increased Risk of Psychiatric Disorders

A new Swedish study published in Diabetes Care has found a worrying link between children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and the later development of psychiatric disorders and attempted suicide. According to the findings, kids with type 1 diabetes were significantly more likely to develop psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder…


By On September 10th, 2014

Childhood Psychiatric Disorders May Be Associated With Increased Schizophrenia Risk

Research published recently in Schizophrenia Bulletin suggests being diagnosed with a childhood psychiatric disorder increases the risk of later being diagnosed with schizophrenia. “[K]nowledge about the risk of a subsequent diagnosis of schizophrenia following a psychiatric disorder in the childhood and adolescence might lead to earlier diagnosis and interventions, which can possibly lead to a…


By On April 14th, 2014

What It Is Like Raising a Daughter With Schizophrenia

Being the parent of a child with mental illness can be a painful, confusing, and terrifying journey. Michael Schofield and his wife Susan know first hand. Their daughter, Janni, has led the Schofield family through a rollercoaster. Before she was a year old, Janni appeared to be incredibly talented, nearly a prodigy. But, it soon…

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