By On October 29th, 2018

Long-forgotten concussions may cause current problems

Concussions are like ghosts from the past. The symptoms of old concussions and brain injuries may be the manifestations in the present. Often the person has forgotten about their concussions, or in some cases, their many concussions, but they continue to struggle with the lingering effects of concussion. Usually the symptoms associated with concussion resolve…


By On September 25th, 2018

Open Dialogue as a Best Practice in Transgender Health Care

Due to a multitude of factors including discrimination and bias, individuals who identify as transgender experience higher rates of mental health issues than the general U.S. population. A 2013 article published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that about 50% of individuals identifying as transgender presented with clinically significant depressive symptoms. Further,…


By On August 16th, 2018

New coping strategies may help those with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder has been clinically recognized for years, but the mechanisms that underly the condition and the ways the disorder expresses itself have remained poorly understood. Now, researchers say they have identified a unique way that bipolar disorder expresses itself that can improve treatment and therapy options for those with the disorder. As researchers from…


By On June 7th, 2018

Death by Diagnosis

Dhruv Khullar, MD in an article in the New York Times of June 7, 2018 described the serious health disparities that Americans living with serious mental illness face. According to Dr. Khullar people living with serious mental illness die 15-30 years earlier than those without a serious mental health condition. That is an enormous reduction…


By On April 3rd, 2018

Getting High to Die

The connection between death by opioid overdose and suicide by opioid overdose is a growing concern. Maria Oquendo, MD, the immediate past president of the American Psychiatric Association puts suicide by opioid overdose as between 25 and 45% of the deaths by overdose. Dr. Oquendo points to one study of overdoses which identified that 46%…


By On November 16th, 2017

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By On July 3rd, 2017

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