Understanding Bipolar Disorders

In life, ups and downs are inevitable. But sometimes, those ups and downs can start interfering with daily life and your relationships. That’s when it stops being just part of life and something more serious. Bipolar disorder is a severe and long-term illness that can cause those ups and downs – not to mention shifts in moods and energy – to become more extreme.

Bipolar disorder causes dramatic mood swings that are usually divided into two types: manic episodes and depressive episodes. During a manic episode, individuals can feel “high” or irritable and during depressive episodes, they may feel the complete opposite – sad and hopeless. Drastic changes in energy and behavior can accompany these extreme changes in mood.

The following symptoms are signs and indicators of bipolar disorder:

During the manic phase:

During the depressive phase:

Having bipolar disorder isn’t a lifetime sentence. It is treatable and manageable. Take a step towards recovery by contacting Brookhaven Hospital today at 888-298-4673.

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