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By On February 26th, 2019

When parents abuse opioids, their children are likely to follow in their footsteps

Parents who abuse prescription painkillers may be tempting their children to follow in their footsteps according to recent findings published in the journal Pediatrics. According to the report, American teenagers were 30% more likely to abuse prescription opioids when one of their parents also misuse the drugs. The findings are not particularly shocking, as research on…


By On June 30th, 2017

Over half of all opioid prescriptions go to people with mood disorders

Mood disorders like anxiety and depression are well-known to face higher risks of substance abuse and addiction. This hasn’t stopped doctors across the United States from prescribing potentially addictive opioids to people struggling with these types of mental health problems, according to a new report raising questions about how medical professionals are responding to the…


By On August 6th, 2014

A Most Wanted End to the Heroin Epidemic

I recently saw the film “A Most Wanted Man,” featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman, and I felt mournful once again about the loss of such a talented person.  I appreciate the greatness of the work he left behind as his legacy for all of us who didn’t know him personally, but admired his acting talent. After…

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