By On September 16th, 2014

Learning What OCD Is By Addressing What It Isn’t


One of the biggest difficulties for those who experience mental illness of any sort is not being understood. For various reasons, just about every mental illness has their own myths, misunderstandings, and false stereotypes. Among these conditions, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) may be one of the most misunderstood.

Everyone has heard someone say “I’m being so OCD today” when they are feeling picky, or “I’m really OCD” when they do something quirky. Unfortunately, these types of statements embody the misunderstandings about obsessive compulsive disorder┬áthat people who experience the condition face every day.

Last year, Carly Bourne from the International OCD Foundation published an article entitled “5 Things OCD is NOT“. The article tackles all the flippant ways OCD is addressed in modern society and how dangerous it is can be to treat such serious conditions so lightly.

If you’ve ever caught yourself laughing about being “totally OCD” or you think obsessive compulsive disorder is the same as being anal-retentive, Bourne’s article is a must read.

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