By On December 22nd, 2005

Law Enforcement and Mental Illness

Recent news over the unfortunately shooting of a mentally ill man at the Miami airport has prompted a national discussion about the treatment of the mentally ill in potentially violent situations. As an employee of a mental health hospital, this isn’t just a media concern–I see it affect real lives on a continual basis.

NPR recently offered a story which you can listen to online called “Law Enforcement and Mental Illness.” It’s an excellent piece of reporting that addresses issues that face both police officers and the mentally ill.

For years, mental health workers have been taught various methods of implementing crisis prevention. At Brookhaven Hospital, our clinical staff is regularly trained in crisis prevention. Many confrontational situations can be easily avoided or de-escalated if simple measures are employed.

If you’d like to learn more about crisis prevention, try reading the guideline for crisis intervention found here.

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