By On November 29th, 2012

Exercise Today, Remember Tomorrow

In a previous article, I told you about how physical activity can slow cognitive decline in seniors. Today, the results of a study suggest that exercise leads to brains staying younger for longer. 

As Janice Lloyd reports for USA Today, researchers set out to find the link between gray matter, which processes information and shrinks over time causing cognitive decline, and physical activity. 

Adults who typically burn more than 3-thousand calories per week were found to have about 5-percent more gray matter than adults who typically burn less than 1-thousand calories. 5-percent doesn’t sound like much, but the more gray matter you have, the better your brain processes information and remembers so every little bit is extremely important. 

What you should take away from these findings is that exercise is important at all stages of life. By remaining active, you essentially extend the life of your brain by preserving gray matter. 

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