By On November 21st, 2012

Your Immune System’s Role in Alzheimer’s

Inflammation in the immune system plays a large part in a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease. That evidence comes from a study that found that a gene, which regulates inflammation, when mutated, can triple the odds of Alzheimer’s disease.

As reported by Elizabeth Lopatto for BusinessWeek, the research also concludes that the brain, just like skin, the heart and other organs, goes through a normal aging process. As we age, a level of cognitive decline is expected. In Alzheimer’s patients, this decline and aging process is rapidly accelerated.

Because of this link between inflammation and Alzheimer’s, some have theorized that aspirin or ibuprofen, which are anti-inflammatory, could decrease a person’s risk, but so far no conclusive results exist. But, it does give doctors another method in treating Alzheimer’s. Never before has the immune system been targeted as a possible way to slow, or cure the disease.

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