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Wounded Warrior Smartphone Application for Suicide Prevention


A new Smartphone application is now available for veterans geared towards suicide prevention.  Twenty two Wounded Warriors a day, struggling with TBI and PTSD, are succumbing to suicide ideations.  With this in mind and inspired by the suicide of a close friend, Psychologist Edward White developed the idea after watching his daughter playing a computer game called MineCraft. The objective of the game is to build structures to protect the player from a variety of nocturnal monsters.

CallApp is a suicide prevention Smartphone app that permits anyone to build a personal on-call virtual safety/crisis network comprised of friends, family, medical professionals, and community resources. At the touch of a single button, this technology will permit personalized choices to the person in crisis. When a button is pressed, the application provides the user a menu of self-created resources as options to consider when an emerging issue presents itself.  For example, if the user is not ready to talk to a first responder or mentor regarding the situation, the user could choose to access a pre-installed user chosen self-help video or therapeutic content information as a first step.  If the caller then desires to reach-out to a live person, they can choose to engage their own personalized list of family, friends, mentors or professionals.  The individual could also choose to be patched through to a pre-qualified list of mental or physical health support providers. The application provides automatic call-back assistance if the user encounters connection problems.

Combat trauma issues are magnified by their struggles with career advancement, tests of their morals and beliefs, and the “Warrior” mentality instilled in them through their military training.  At times they desire only information.  Other times the voice of a family member might be helpful.  And sometimes, the ear of someone who stood by their side through the chaos may be necessary. Having access to information and choices in how to engage presents itself as a creative option.

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