By On January 11th, 2006

What the Booze Can Do

Normal gal Nicky Taylor conducted a dangerous experiment and has not only lived to tell about it–she’s documented her descent into the world of binge drinking, and the effects are harrowing.

Similar to the fast-food expose “Super Size Me,” Taylor’s documentary centers on one theme: drink as much as possible every day for 30 days. Before Taylor started the alcohol-fueled marathon, she was an attractive professional who looked much younger than her 39 years. In just one month, Nicky appeared to age almost 25 years.

Doctors advised her about the damage she would cause to her body, but Taylor maintained the drinking regime so that she could show the world the negative effects of binge drinking and alcoholism. While her body took a significant amount of abuse, her mental health state also plummeted. By the end of the experiment she was depressed and exhausted.

The pictures are hard to believe, so click here to read and view”What the Booze Can Do

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