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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Substance abuse and mental illness often go hand in hand, but these issues are frequently treated in isolation from each other. Many people assume substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation and mental health treatment are unique specialties, but in reality they are complimentary treatments which are most effective when combined.

This is the basis of dual diagnosis treatment, a little known term which refers to the presence and treatment of both a psychiatric disorder and substance abuse in the same patient.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says a person who has experienced substance abuse is twice as likely to also exhibit signs of a mood or anxiety disorder compared to someone who is not addicted. Similarly, those who experience mental illness in their life are twice as likely to report substance abuse.

Despite numerous studies showing the efficacy of dual diagnosis treatment, The Foundation Recovery Network claims on 7.4 percent of those who are impacted by dual diagnosis each year receive the appropriate treatment.

So how does dual diagnosis treatment work? It breaks down into a few important points, as explained by Linda Lewis Griffith:

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