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What does “full recovery” from an eating disorder actually look like?

When you talk to survivors of eating disorders, there is a recurring theme. Many say they will “always be recovering,” while others say, “every day is a battle.” Even years after their worst times, survivors live with the knowledge that a relapse could happen at any time.

Of course, these words can sound very disheartening to those who are still actively struggling with their eating disorders. It might even sound like recovery isn’t even possible. If it does, what would it even look like?

Eating disorder survivor Christina Grasso recently explored this question in depth in an article for StyleCaster.

After sixteen years of living with an eating disorder, Grasso has made a lot of progress. However, she says she is still actively working on her own recovery.

Throughout her journey, she has met a number of people who have achieved the seemingly unattainable status of “full recovery.” But, she noticed that this didn’t look the same for everyone. With this in mind, Grasso is reevaluating how we think about recovering from an eating disorder and what it means to have a healthy relationship with food.

Read more at StyleCaster.

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