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What are the Best Ways to Improve Your Memory

Shiny BrainIt can be amazing how early it seems like memory decline happens. It feels like one minute you’re in your early twenties, and as sharp as ever, then suddenly you’re fifty and suddenly names and places aren’t coming to your mind as quickly as they used to. No one wants to lose their memory at an early age, and we will try almost anything to make our minds last as long as possible.

There is no way to completely avoid the memory decline. The hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory, loses five percent of its nerve cells every decade, and your brain slows production of vital chemicals necessary for learning and memory.

But, the news isn’t all bad. Over the years we have discovered numerous ways to protect a brain from a lot of the memory loss associated with old age. Adult brains are still able to form new memory-building neural networks, which can help you quickly remember the name of the actor you are thinking of.

Jancee Dunn from Huffington Post personally tried out seven of the most commonly suggested tips for improving memory and slowing down memory decline. It isn’t exactly a scientific test, but it gives some insight into how much of a brain boost you can expect.

Unsurprisingly, the three highest rated ways to improve your memory are the same three you’ve been told your whole life. Good sleep, regular exercise, and eating healthy are old staples because they work. If you keep your body and brain healthy, the areas of the brain associated with memory will stay healthy longer and you won’t notice memory decline near as early. Best of all, it is never to late to start improving. Changing your diet and exercise habits even at an older age can help boost memory.

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