By On October 27th, 2008

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Last week I was driving down I-29 from Lincoln to Kansas City and made a small detour into St. Joseph, MO to view one of the most peculiar museums the Midwest has to offer: the Glore Psychiatric Museum.

The museum gives you an insightful, unsettling look into the history of mental health care. Above is a picture of one exhibit called the Hollow Wheel. Doctors would place delusional or manic patients into the wheel for 36-48 hours. The wheel would act like a treadmill, and the hope was that the unceasing exercise would make the patient “tractable and obedient.”

While we’re left shaking our heads at the inhumanity of such treatments, the museum exhibits encourage visitors to understand that in their respective times, many devices were received as technological wonders.

To learn more about the Glore Psychiatric Museum, click here.

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