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Weight Loss Program For Mental Illness Sufferers

Individuals with serious mental illness often experience weight gain in addition to other symptoms. This can be attributed to a poor diet and inability or lack of motivation to exercise. Also, many pychotropic medications list weight gain as a main side effect.

Clinical Psychiatry News has encouraging news on this front, however. Doctors recently found that a behavioral weight loss intervention, specifically tailored to the needs of adults with serious mental illness, could produce steady weight loss over the entirety of the 18-month study. That is in stark contrast to many weight loss programs that produce results in the initial stage, but taper off as time wears on.

This is of course important and encouraging news that suggests that no longer will the treatment of mental illness ever have to come at a cost of physical wellness.

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  1. Thea Noles says:

    I am interested in the weight loss program for mental illness sufferers. I don’t know if I would qualify, but am very interested. Does this 18 month program include in patient services? Are there different locations or just one. I desperately need help before I die and don’t have a chance to LIVE! I would also need to know the cost. I have a Humana HMO medicare plan so it probably wouldn’t cover this. I was trying to get on the Dr. Phil show to have him help me, but they are so slow in responding and getting things moving, though they said they are considering me.

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