By On January 5th, 2016

Video Explains The Difference Between Depression and Feeling Depressed


Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses, impacting the lives of up to 10 percent of the population in their lifetimes. However, it is still poorly understood by most. For those who haven’t experienced depression it can be difficult to understand the difference between feeling down and clinical depression, which may be a big part of why many who experience depression go years without seeking help.

A new video from TED-Ed seeks to help explain depression and try to distinguish the mental illness from simply feeling down. Using simple but effective animation, the video breaks down the most important symptoms and characteristics of depression including changes in appetite, poor concentration, restlessness, sleep disorders, and suicidal ideation. Perhaps most importantly, clinical depression lasts longer than two weeks and has a significant impact on a person’s daily life.

The video also explores the neuroscience behind the illness and explains the most common treatments for depression, ending with advice for how friends and family can help support a loved one who may have depression. Watch the video below or at TED-Ed.

If you you or someone you know is living with depression, please call (888) 298-4673. We can answer any questions you have and see if treatment is the right path for you or your loved one.

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