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Treatment Should Cater To Individual Depression Cases

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Depression affects an estimated 1 in 10 adults throughout the country, but don’t think every person diagnosed with the condition has the same experience. Depression can be caused by numerous factors including genetics and relation to other conditions, and treatment has to cater to individual cases rather than using a uniform method to treat all cases of depression.

Unfortunately, many who experience depression aren’t directly treated for the condition. Often, those with the condition don’t seek help for their emotional issues, but for physical symptoms. Physical symptoms and pains can seem more overwhelming and there is less stigma attached to seeking professional help for physical issues compared to mental health issues.

There are many causes of depressions and there are different symptoms that cluster together,” John F. Greden, M.D., executive director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, tells The Huffington Post. “And because there are many causes, one size treatment will never fit all.”

Lindsay Holmes recently explored those several treatment options in depth to uncover which treatments favor which types of depression cases and to see how they function within larger treatment plans. If you are struggling with depression and one treatment isn’t working, it might just be the wrong treatment plan. Perhaps giving one of the methods covered in Holme’s article may prove to be more effective.

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