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Traumatic Brain Injury is on the Rise

Traumatic brain injury is a form of acquired brain injury that occurs when a trauma causes some form of damage to the brain. TBI comes in many forms from mild or moderate to severe. Mild TBI’s occur when a person does not lose consciousness or losses consciousness for a short time period and experiences headaches, confusion, blurred vision, memory loss, or slight changes in behavior. If the changes stay consistent or increase in severity like vomiting, slurred speech, numbness in the extremities or extreme agitation of their mood then they are categorized as moderate to severe brain injury clients.  After a recent poll with Emergency Room physicians over the past decade, traumatic brain injury is on the rise; especially in relation to sports.  According to the Brain Injury Resource Center, an estimated 300,000 sports-related TBI’s occur throughout the United States annually and they are the leading cause of death in sports-related injuries.

Even with the high recognition in the media and athletic community, the number of sports-related traumatic brain injuries keeps rising and is now contributing to twenty one percent of TBI’s among adolescents and children.  With the evolving change in technology in protective head gear and materials, society is acknowledging this need for extended protection but is it enough? Athletes of this day and age are changing drastically in physique and endurance by being bigger and faster in their particular sport, so adapting the use of each sports protective body wear is only scratching the surface to this topic.

The Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute (NRI) is an internationally recognized center for the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries and other neurological disorders caused by these sports-related injuries and other occurrences. Snuggled among a quiet community in the beautiful city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, this specialty program offered in Brookhaven Hospital is highly recognizable across America for its ability to tailor successful healing to each of its clients through a personalized program.  NRI goes beyond traditional rehabilitation care to provide victims of traumatic brain injury with one of the most comprehensive and advanced treatment programs offering complex care rehabilitation, intensive neurobehavioral rehabilitation and TBI dual diagnosis treatment. If you or anyone you know is struggling with a traumatic brain injury and needs the help of our team of neurologic specialists- don’t wait any longer, contact our facility at 888-298-HOPE (4673) to inquire about our personalized programs.

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