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Themes over resolutions for the new year


It is day two of 2014, and I was already reconsidering some of my new year’s resolutions when I came across an article that lets me off the hook.  This article by Melinda Johnson suggests that determining a theme for yourself for the new year will work better than making a list of specifics.  The idea runs counter to things I’ve read in the past about resolutions and the need to make them as concrete and specific as possible to insure the greatest possibility for success.  However, I have also seen the way in which as the calendar pages turn, and these concrete goals have not been accomplished, a sense of discouragement and failure sets in.  Once this happens, it is difficult to recapture the excitement, hope and anticipation we had back in January.  I saw a quote recently that read, “New Year’s Resolutions go in one year and out the other.”

Rather than listing a particular behavior that you want to stop, like worrying or anxiety, for example, you could have a theme of mindfulness for 2014.  If your theme were mindfulness, this would involve staying in the present moment which makes worry and anxiety a little more difficult.  Pick your theme and let your year move forward and progress from there.  Other themes suggested by Johnson are Enjoyment, Movement and Nourish.  I think it’s a whole new perspective on new beginnings for our brand new year.  What will be your theme for 2014?

Click here to read “Why A New Year’s Theme Works Better Than A Resolution” by Melinda Johnson.

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