By On April 30th, 2014

The Role of the Workplace In Mental Health

Mental illness permeates every aspect of society. From business, to religion, to the arts, everywhere you go there are individuals struggling with mental health issues. In a world whee one in four people will suffer mental illness at some point in their life, it is difficult to imagine any individual’s life could be untouched by mental health problems.

Yet, every report about mental health care in the United States and around the world paint a worrying picture of stigma, shame, and many people who go without treatment they desperately need to function in their community and workplace.

Businesses have a special position in the issue, because they have the ability to offer access points as well as education that could help move away from the controversial and polarized perspective that characterizes mental health in the modern world. The Guardian recently explored how workplaces can work to improve the mental well-being of their workers, as well the mental healthcare available to their community.

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