By On July 1st, 2014

The Quest for Thigh Gaps is Leading Many Young Women to Eating Disorders

Last month I discussed the role of social media in facilitating eating disorders throughout our culture, and many have noted one of the most dangerous trends rising out of this is the quest for the “thigh gap.” Washington Post reporter Amanda Mascarelli has also observed how “this disturbing ultra-thin-body trend pressures women and girls to achieve a gap between the thighs when they stand with their feet touching.”

Social media pages run by “pro-ana” (pro-anorexia) or “pro-mia” (pro-bulimia) groups have been continuously cited as fueling this singular idea of beauty which is often biologically not achievable, and Mascarelli’s discussion of the trend brings up man important questions we should be asking about how our culture might be feeding one of our most dangerous diseases.

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