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The Problem With Sleeping Pills

The importance of a good night’s sleep is major and far reaching. However, Dr. Mattthew J. Edlund warns that taking sleeping pills to get that needed rest could be hazardous to your health. Read his take at Psychology Today.

The biggest issue is individuals taking sleeping pills, or any prescription medication, without first consulting their doctor. First, it’s illegal. Both for the individual taking the pills and the person who supplied them.

Second, sleeping pills carry with them an increased death rate. Accidents, falls and increased confusion all contribute to the possibility of death by sleeping pills. Some theories even suggest cardiovascular problems connected to sleeping pill use.

Other side effects exist, as well. Memory, focus and judgment are all affected when you ingest sleeping pills. In some cases, these effects are so pronounced that individuals are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, only to discover the symptoms stemmed from sleeping pills.

Sleepwalking is also a common complaint of those on sleeping pills. Ambien, in particular, has produced a number of strange sleepwalking stories.

Doctors suggest that the main issue with taking sleeping pills, whether they’ve been prescribed or not, is that a pill can actually be the cause of insomnia. When the body becomes accustomed to the aide of a pill to go to sleep, it becomes unable to rest without a pill.

Instead of a pill that can do damage to your brain, body and normal sleep patterns, practice effective and regular routines before bed. Studies have shown that brushing your teeth, reading and lowering lights routinely and on a set schedule can make an incredible difference in battling insomnia.

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