By On December 3rd, 2012

The New Limits of Short-Term Memory

In 1956, one of the most influential and most cited psychology articles of all time was published and established the range for human memory at five-to-nine pieces of information before confusion sets in. More than 50-years later, that widely accepted truth has been challenged.

As reported by Science 2.0, a professor of psychiatry in Australia re-examined the famous research, originally published by George Miller, and found that in actuality, human’s can only cope with four chunks of information at a time. This means that for phone numbers, your mind must break the seven-digits down into four.

This revelation about the limits of short-term memory could certainly make a huge difference in the way we are fed information. Think about this, however. If a fact, which was widely accepted for more than half a century, turns out to be wrong, what else do we currently believe that will be disproved in the future?

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