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The Importance of Christian Mental Health Counseling Following Traumatic Events

None of the students at Oikos University, a private unaccredited Christian institution in Oakland, Ca, could have ever imagined that their small, quiet school would end up as home to one of the most brutal shootouts in Oakland’s history. In an act of incomprehensible brutality, One L. Goh, a former nursing student, opened fire in a classroom, killing six students and a receptionist, and injuring three more.

Events like the Oikos shooting can not only impact students, faculty and their families, but can also be traumatic to anyone watching such events unfold on their TV screens.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a behavioral health condition that occurs after upsetting events, can have debilitating effects on individuals. People can develop symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, and it can be difficult to focus on work or school. Disturbing events can also lead Christians into crises of faith. It is only natural to question how God could allow such events to occur.

That’s why it is important for Christians to not only speak with a mental health professional after devastating events, but also seek spiritual counseling. Luckily, there are mental health treatment centers like RENEWAL Christian Care that specifically cater to Christians’ mental and spiritual needs.

The reality is that it doesn’t take an event on the scale of the Oikos shooting to cause PTSD. Many people experience events in daily life that can cause PTSD. By entering Christian mental health center, Christians can strengthen their faith while treating the symptoms of PTSD. The goal of Christian mental health counseling is to impart a sense of purpose in every patient. Though horrible events are bound to occur in this world, faith can allow each Christian to utilize their gifts and reach their full spiritual potential.

The Bible is full of accounts of traumatic events that befell the Jews and Christians. Both groups experienced intense persecution. Following tough times, it is important to remember that if Christ hadn’t been crucified, there could be no resurrection. Through faith in Him, Christians can take part in His resurrection and transcend the flaws of the mortal world.

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