By On November 28th, 2012

Test Can Determine Effectiveness of Medication

For mental health professionals, prescribing drugs is an extremely difficult decision. This is simply because there is still much ambiguity about what medications, or combination of medications, will work since each patient seems to react differently.

Unlike other chronic diseases, mental illness patients cannot receive a one-size fits all treatment. Take chronic depression, for example. The most often prescribed medication won’t work for half of those suffering.

As you can see, there’s a need for improvement in the treatment area. As Maiken Scott reports for NewsWorks, that need is being met now by a genetic test that examines DNA from a patient’s saliva. From this test, doctors can discover how a person will react to a specific substance and better understand how their body should be treated.

This specific test only studies 10 genes, which means there are numerous more factors that could be examined. But, the more information doctors have at their disposal, the better their chances of prescribing an effective treatment.

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