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By On November 16th, 2016

Food and Mood: Part 4

Written by Joleen Wilson, RD/LD, CNSC, CBIS, Dietitian for Pathway to Eating Disorders Treatment at Brookhaven Hospital In the previous blogs in this series, I discussed the role that carbohydrates, protein, and B-vitamins play in our mental wellness.  I’d like to conclude with discussion about some other important nutrients that affect our mood. Omega-3 fatty acids…


By On March 20th, 2015

Is Vitamin D Responsible For Depression In Young Women?

Lack of vitamin D has been linked to depression in the past through seasonal affective disorder, a seasonal mood disorder which affects up to 10% of the population and begins in fall and lasts through the winter. However new research has found a more direct link between vitamin D deficiencies and depression in healthy women…


By On December 11th, 2013

Vitamin D May Prove Vital In Suppressing Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Low vitamin D levels have been associated with numerous health risks including risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults, severe asthma, and cancer, as well as diabetes, hypertension, and glucose intolerance. But, it turns out vitamin D may also play a role in fighting multiple sclerosis (MS) by blocking the migration…


By On November 21st, 2012

Vitamin D Could Lower MS Risk

Recent findings suggest that a lack of ultraviolet light, and thus a lack of vitamin D in pregnant women, can lead to an increased risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) in newborns. Because of this, the risk for MS is highest in April and lowest in October. In fact, those born in April have up to a…


By On October 31st, 2012

Levels of Vitamin D Could Have Far Reaching Effects

The importance of vitamin D to the human body grows seemingly every year. Cognitive decline and dementia are the most recent effects of low levels of vitamin D, which joins bone disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, depression and metabolic disorders. Jennifer Gibson reports for Brain Blogger that various studies have been conducted on the relationship…

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