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By On March 12th, 2015

Researchers Identify Potential PTSD Biomarker

Post-traumatic stress disorder is frighteningly common in veterans returning home from combat, but the condition can be surprisingly difficult to accurately diagnose. The symptoms related to PTSD are often confused with symptoms from other common injuries like traumatic brain injury or other mental conditions. A new study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry may help…


By On September 3rd, 2014

Can the VA fix its problems?

Veterans’ health treatment and care have been under close scrutiny recently as it has come out that many veterans are seeing extensive delays that prevent them from getting the help they need. Whether the health needs are physical or mental, veterans have been forced to wait for care while their health deteriorates and more names…


By On March 4th, 2014

New Studies Show Widespread Mental Health Issues In the Army

Three new studies have been released this week suggesting a significant number of American soldiers suffer from some form of mental health issues, even before being deployed. The findings say the rates of mental health issues in soldiers is considerably higher than the rates found in the general population. “Some of the differences in disorder…

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