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By On June 12th, 2015

Female Veteran Deaths by Suicide Nearly Matching Male Death Rates

Women are slowly achieving equality with men in our military. Unfortunately, they are also coming close to matching male veterans in their rate of death by suicide according to recent research.  Women in the military are killing themselves at a rate of six times higher than women in the general population based on the analysis…


By On September 3rd, 2014

Can the VA fix its problems?

Veterans’ health treatment and care have been under close scrutiny recently as it has come out that many veterans are seeing extensive delays that prevent them from getting the help they need. Whether the health needs are physical or mental, veterans have been forced to wait for care while their health deteriorates and more names…


By On March 29th, 2013

The Long Wait for Veterans

Our veterans are waiting. They have fought for our country. They have experienced unimaginable trauma. They have returned home, and now they are waiting. It isn’t a small group of our veterans who are waiting for their disability or other benefits to be approved. Nine hundred thousand men and women continue to wait. This is…

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