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By On November 27th, 2012

PTSD Goes Undiagnosed at Army Medical Center

A disturbing trend surfaced at Madigan Army Medical Center, in Washington, recently. Doctors in cases of possible PTSD changed diagnoses for unknown reasons. Now, after conducting a review, the Army has determined that 150 men and women went untreated while suffering from PTSD. As reported by Adam Ashton of The Olympian, in Olympia, WA, this…


By On October 24th, 2012

Documentary Profiles Mental Health Risks of Soldiers

A documentary filmed near the Fort Hood army base in Texas reveals the high rate of depression, substance abuse and suicide among soldiers. Beer is Cheaper Than Therapy, which is a title so apt and compelling you almost have to read it in a Texas drawl, profiles several soldiers living in Killeen, Texas, the town…


By On October 15th, 2012

Video Games: The First Line of Defense Against PTSD

The U.S. Army recently awarded $100-thousand contracts to three privately owned companies in hopes of creating a video game for soldiers’ smartphones that could help diagnose PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. As Benjamin Plackett reports for Wired, the game needs to measure mental health indicators, such as response time and attention span, which would then…

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