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By On June 6th, 2016

“Fitspiration” May Not Be As Healthy As It Seems

The link between social media use and eating disorders is controversial, but more evidence is appearing every day that suggests social media may be fueling unhealthy eating and exercising habits that often characterize or contribute to disorders like anorexia and bulimia. The latest trend of social media that may be driving dangerous behaviors doesn’t seem…


By On May 4th, 2016

Young Women Are Using Social Media To Recover From Eating Disorders

Social media has notoriously been used as a hub for young women who post pictures, videos, and quotes encouraging unhealthy eating behaviors in the quest to be thin. Even when sites like Instagram made direct attempts to intervene, the issue only grew worse. But, there is another side to social media that is often overlooked.…


By On December 16th, 2015

Despite ‘Pro-Ana’ Trend, YouTube Videos Are Encouraging Teens To Find Eating Disorder Treatment

  In the past few years, a dangerous trend has grown that endangers thousands of lives and supports a deadly disease. This so-called “pro-ana” or pro-anorexia trend was especially popular on YouTube, where users would share videos referred to as “thinspiration” which were intended to inspire unhealthy eating in order to be thin. Thankfully, the…

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