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By On August 20th, 2013

Exercise Helps With Insomnia … Eventually

The common wisdom has long been that exercising during the day makes you sleep better at night. But, unfortunately for insomniacs, this isn’t exactly true. A new study says that exercise doesn’t immediately translate into better sleep. You have to stick with it for months before you will see a result. The study, published in…


By On July 9th, 2013

UCLA Researchers Claim To Have Found The Cause of Narcolepsy

In 2000, researchers at the UCLA Center for Sleep Research published a study showing that people suffering from narcolepsy had 90 percent fewer neurons containing the neuropeptide hypocretin in their brains than normal people. It was the first sign that narcolepsy, a disorder characterized by the inability to control when you fall asleep, may have…


By On May 30th, 2013

Treatment For Epilepsy, Anxiety Already In Brain

Researchers at Stanford University believe they may have discovered a naturally occurring protein found in mammalian brains that could help treat epileptic seizures, sleep disorders and anxiety. As reported by Stanford’s website, the protein, diazepam binding inhibitor, or DBI, could provide a treatment option for epilepsy with less side-effects than current treatments. DBI would fall into…

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