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By On April 18th, 2014

Is Apathy a Sign of Brain Shrinkage in Older Age?

Signs of apathy in older adults might be a warning sign for cognitive issues, as a new study shows apathetic older adults tend to have smaller brain volume than their more active peers. The researchers examined over 4,300 older adults, and saw that those with at least two signs of apathy had slightly less gray…


By On September 23rd, 2013

What are the Best Ways to Improve Your Memory

It can be amazing how early it seems like memory decline happens. It feels like one minute you’re in your early twenties, and as sharp as ever, then suddenly you’re fifty and suddenly names and places aren’t coming to your mind as quickly as they used to. No one wants to lose their memory at…


By On September 13th, 2013

Can a Video Game Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age?

Over time people have suggested countless things to keep the brain sharp in old age. Whether it was old-time concoctions or simple reading and exercise, people will try anything you offer to prevent their mind from slipping as they get older. Now, the Boston Globe reports researchers are saying that regularly playing a video game…


By On July 12th, 2013

Can Alzheimer’s Protect Against Cancer?

According to research from the National Research Council of Milan, Italy, patients with Alzheimer’s disease have a lower risk of developing cancer, while seniors with cancer have lower chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease compared to cancer-free patients of the same age. The study, reported in the journal Neurology and reported by Medical News Today, was…

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