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By On September 19th, 2013

A Cancer Drug May Be Able To Treat Drug Resistant Seizures

A drug commonly used to treat cancer might offer an effective means of fighting cases of epilepsy that are otherwise resistant to medicine, according to a new study from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center published in Annals of Neurology on September 10th. Most forms of epilepsy are able to be controlled and managed with the…


By On May 30th, 2013

Treatment For Epilepsy, Anxiety Already In Brain

Researchers at Stanford University believe they may have discovered a naturally occurring protein found in mammalian brains that could help treat epileptic seizures, sleep disorders and anxiety. As reported by Stanford’s website, the protein, diazepam binding inhibitor, or DBI, could provide a treatment option for epilepsy with less side-effects than current treatments. DBI would fall into…


By On April 29th, 2013

FDA Warns About Seizure Medication

The FDA has issued a warning to consumers concerning the anti-seizure drug ezogabine (Potiga). As reported by MedPage Today, the drug can cause “blue skin discoloration” and “pigment changes in retinas”. A loss of vision and eye disease are possible if the drug is continued to be used after initial symptoms arise, but doctors urge patients…


By On November 13th, 2012

Researchers Discover Part of Brain Responsible for Seizures

For those who suffer from seizures, a cure may soon be as simple as turning on a light. Researchers at Stanford and Curie University in France have discovered that a part of the brain, called the thalamus, is essential for continuing seizures. They then found a way to alter DNA in rats to stop thalamus…

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