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By On January 2nd, 2013

Love in Recovery

Finding love while in recovery can be a tricky proposition.  You often hear about, and may have experienced personally, people getting together during or after treatment.  In Alcoholic’s Annonymous, there are twelve recognized steps of recovery.  The unofficial “13th Step” can refer  to dating while in recovery or specifically  to someone with years of sobriety…


By On July 5th, 2012

Building Strong Relationships Through Recovery

Relationships and recovery is such an incredibly profound subject because the two go hand in hand- you cannot have one without the other. This concept alone is a double edged sword because every individual’s life is made up of relationships and these bonds can be viewed as a blessing and a curse at the same…


By On April 10th, 2012

Staying on Track through Recovery

For many individuals recovering from a mental health condition, staying in control of their life is the key to a successful recovery. To put recovery into action, one must focus on their resilience and regaining control of their life before further treating or managing their symptoms. As an opportunity for personal growth and self discovery,…

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