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By On July 9th, 2018

Experts Call For Better Opioid Intervention And Treatment For Women

Experts are calling for public health efforts to combat the growing opioid epidemic and overdose deaths in America to better incorporate women’s health issues. In a commentary published in The Lancet this week, a group of experts emphasized the need for researchers, clinicians, and policymakers to consider the unique ways in which women may encounter…


By On May 16th, 2018

22 U.S. states have filed lawsuits against pharma companies involved in opioid epidemic

Six more U.S. states have announced lawsuits against OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, bringing the total number of state-level lawsuits to 22. The states are accusing the pharmaceutical company of contributing to the nation-wide opioid epidemic with misleading marketing. U.S. state attorneys general from Nevada, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Tennessee say the company…


By On September 8th, 2017

The opioid epidemic weighs down the U.S. economy’s labor force

The opioid epidemic sweeping across America has taken a heavy toll on the country, taking thousands of lives every year. But, the high level of lives being taken by prescription pills and street drugs isn’t the only way this crisis is affecting the country. A new report suggests opioids are also having a measurable impact…


By On July 21st, 2017

Reports show the severity of the opioid epidemic in Oklahoma

The opioid epidemic is sweeping all the of the United States and the recent rise of fentanyl is making the crisis even more deadly. Oklahoma is no exception. Recent reports show that while Oklahoma is making some progress in its attempts to slow the increasing addiction and overdose rates, the state still has a long…


By On December 20th, 2016

The Opioid Epidemic Killed More People Than Gun Violence Last Year

When people refer to America’s widespread drug and addiction issues as an “epidemic”, it can seem like alarmist to those unaffected. But, the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show the phrase is far from an overstatement. According to the latest data, over 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in…


By On July 14th, 2016

Chaka Khan Enters Rehab for Fentanyl Addiction

It’s just really become an all too familiar cycle. We lose another talented artist to the disease of addiction; we feel sad; we talk about what could’ve been done differently; then we pretty quickly move on looking for any “good” or “silver lining” to come from the tragedy. Earlier this week, it was announced via…


By On June 25th, 2016

Doctors Realize Heroin Addicts Are Already Their Patients

The small town of Bridgton, Maine, like so many towns and cities of various size, has been hit hard by the opiate epidemic. Instead of waiting for someone else to provide much needed substance abuse treatment, doctors in this town decided to begin treating it themselves. A mental health professional was among the first to…


By On June 2nd, 2016

Opioids: Why do some get addicted and others don’t?

Even before I worked in the field of mental health and substance abuse, I often wondered why some people try a drug and get hooked right away, and others with an “I’ll try anything once” sort of attitude skate by without a problem. The outdated moral model’s take on addiction would apply a character defect…

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