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By On July 11th, 2018

Major-league catcher retires to raise eating disorder awareness

Major-league baseball players don’t typically walk away from the game willingly. Usually, it is a combination of injury, age, or scandal that lead to early retirement. This week, though, Mariner’s catcher Mike Marjama abruptly retired from baseball for a very different reason. The 28-year-old is quitting the sport to become an Ambassador for the National…


By On December 15th, 2017

National Eating Disorder Association awards $50,000 grant to develop eating disorder treatment app

People seeking treatment for an eating disorder run into an alarming number of roadblocks, detours, and complications on their way to recovery. Many encounter physicians who are poorly trained and underequipped to properly recognize and treat these disorders. Even worse, a significant number of people don’t respond to the currently available treatment methods. Researchers from…

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