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By On November 24th, 2014

Tulsa Native’s Viral Video Raises Awareness of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is poorly understood by the general public, but the mental illness affects approximately 1 out of every 2000 people around the world. Characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and inadvertent daytime lapses into sleep, narcolepsy is a lifetime disease that can is often debilitating. Local college student Sarah Wheaton lives with narcolepsy and the associatedā€¦


By On July 9th, 2013

UCLA Researchers Claim To Have Found The Cause of Narcolepsy

In 2000, researchers at the UCLA Center for Sleep Research published a study showing that people suffering from narcolepsy had 90 percent fewer neurons containing the neuropeptide hypocretin in their brains than normal people. It was the first sign that narcolepsy, a disorder characterized by the inability to control when you fall asleep, may haveā€¦

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