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By On December 11th, 2013

Vitamin D May Prove Vital In Suppressing Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Low vitamin D levels have been associated with numerous health risks including risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults, severe asthma, and cancer, as well as diabetes, hypertension, and glucose intolerance. But, it turns out vitamin D may also play a role in fighting multiple sclerosis (MS) by blocking the migration…


By On April 9th, 2013

ALS And MS May Be Closely Linked

Discoveries stemming from a study of mice found that ALS and multiple sclerosis may have more in common than ever thought before because both could involve the myelin insulation that protects nerve cells. The new discoveries still need to be confirmed but scientists believe these findings could yield new drug targets to slow or even…


By On November 7th, 2012

New Discovery Could Repair Nerve Damage From MS

Researchers have discovered a new way to treat multiple sclerosis patients that could actually repair the damage done to their spinal cord and brain. Blocking an enzyme that prevents the regeneration of the fatty tissue, called myelin, that protects nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain could lead to improved treatments, not only for…

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