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By On September 11th, 2017

Bam Margera reveals his struggles with bulimia and alcoholism

Bam Margera doesn’t seem like the most likely person to talk openly about his experiences being bulimic, but in a recent episode of Viceland’s Epicly Later’d the skateboarder and Jackass shared how his rock star lifestyle spiraled into issues with addiction and an eating disorder. Before his rise to fame on MTV, Bam drank occasionally.…


By On June 28th, 2017

What One Eating Disorder Survivor Wishes Other Men Knew

More than 10 million men in the United States will experience an eating disorder during their lifetime. Unfortunately, stigma prevents 90% of these men from ever seeking help for their illness. Instead, they frequently hide their eating disorders out of fear of being labeled “effeminate” or “weak.” Additionally, many who live with eating disorders fail…


By On June 15th, 2017

Purging through exercise – One man’s personal experience with bulimia

Bulimia is arguably the most well-known eating disorder, likely because of the visceral imagery it brings to mind. It forces us to envision young, dangerously frail women purging through vomiting or other means like laxatives in the isolation of an otherwise quiet bathroom. While this is often the case with bulimia, the eating disorder doesn’t…


By On March 22nd, 2017

What Everyone Should Know About Eating Disorders in Men

  Earlier this week, I highlighted Zayn Malik’s recent interviews where he has gone into depth about his experience with disordered eating. But, of course, Malik is far from the only man to be affected by eating disorders or disordered eating. Approximately 10 million American men live with a diagnosable eating disorder such as anorexia,…


By On January 2nd, 2017

PBS Newshour Explores The Hidden Struggle of Men With Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have long been considered an affliction that only affects women because of the intense societal pressure to be thin. But that narrow view ignores the growing number of men who live with eating disorders and the physiological and mental underpinnings that provide the foundation for these disorders. The National Eating Disorders Association estimates…


By On May 10th, 2016

Experts Say Lack of Awareness Is Hurting Men With Eating Disorders

When you imagine someone with an eating disorder, chances are you imagine a young woman. But, the truth is eating disorders affect people of all ages and genders. In fact, medical experts like Dr. Clare Taylor from the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) in the UK believe the focus on young girls with eating disorders…

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