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By On December 18th, 2013

New Study Links Head Injuries to Psychiatric Disorders

The long-term effects of brain injuries have been making headlines over the past year because of the current concussion crisis within the NFL, but the majority of the focus is on the connection to memory problems and an increasing linkage between traumatic brain injury, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and Alzheimer’s disease-like symptoms and brain changes. However,…


By On July 29th, 2013

Early Intervention May Help Lower Morbidity Rates for Bipolar Patients

According to recent research reported by Medwire News, the increased mortality risk associated with bipolar disorder may be related to delayed diagnosis and treatment of comorbidities. The Swedish national cohort study showed that men and women with bipolar disorder died an average of nine years earlier than members of the general population. The risk for…

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