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By On July 30th, 2015

The Neuroscience Behind Negativity

I’ve often wondered why negative occurrences, or maybe more accurately things that we label as negative, seem stickier than positive events.  The negativity in daily life seems to stick with me longer than when something positive happens.  For example, if two really positive things happen and one negative in my day, the negative one might…


By On June 15th, 2015

Meditation to Treat Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Ruwan Jayatunge has contributed several articles to our blog, NeuroNotes, on traumaticbraininjury.net.   Dr. Jayatunge’s most recent article, “Meditation – an Effective Treatment Mode for Substance Use Disorders,” is focused on the treatment of substance abuse, and this is a type of treatment we provide on our behavioral health unit at Brookhaven Hospital.  Meditation practice can…


By On November 21st, 2011

Creating a Positive Life

  Happiness research has become a huge development recently in Psychology and numerous professionals including internationally known coach and author Caroline Miller are incorporating it in their client interaction for maximum life transformation and growth. Positive psychology is a holistic approach to mental health and personal wellness. The following are four proven ways to successfully…

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