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By On April 22nd, 2013

Education Key For Alzheimer’s Treatments

A major obstacle in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease specifically, but also likely in many other diseases and disorders, is patient’s discontinuing prescribed medication. As Daniel Keller, of Medscape, reports, the key to individuals adhering to their prescriptions may be a better effort to educate about them. The findings of a recent study were that…


By On January 29th, 2013

The Puzzling Problem of Weight Gain With Antidepressants

The major side effect commonly associated with antipsychotics, antidepressants and mood stabilizers is weight gain. While you may think that a cosmetic change is a small price to pay for the help with depression and other disorders, the weight gain can cause “psychotropic medication nonadherence” or, more simply patients are likely to stop taking the…


By On November 28th, 2012

Test Can Determine Effectiveness of Medication

For mental health professionals, prescribing drugs is an extremely difficult decision. This is simply because there is still much ambiguity about what medications, or combination of medications, will work since each patient seems to react differently. Unlike other chronic diseases, mental illness patients cannot receive a one-size fits all treatment. Take chronic depression, for example.…

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