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By On May 16th, 2014

Study Finds Reduced Volume in Hippocampus of Patients With Psychotic Disorders

Mankind has been trying to understand the pathophysiology of psychotic disorders for more than a hundred years, and much remains unclear. But, researchers from Harvard Medical School investigating the pathophysiology of these disorders have taken a step forward by finding that patients with psychotic disorders have a reduced volume in the hippocampus. Medical News Today…


By On October 8th, 2013

Parkinson’s Disease Biomarker May Lie Right Below Our Skin

A major breakthrough in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease may have been made when researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) discovered that a nervous system protein tends to collect in higher levels just beneath the skin of patients with the neurodegenerative disease. Parkinson’s disease is the most frequently occurring neurodegenerative disease in the…


By On August 1st, 2013

Can Psychopaths Feel Empathy if They Try?

When we imagine sociopaths and psychopaths, we normally assume they are entirely unable to feel empathy. For a long time, this was the patent belief behind the two related conditions and much of the public still considers this trait the defining characteristic. But, according to research published in Brain: A Journal of Neurology, psychopaths do…


By On July 12th, 2013

Can Alzheimer’s Protect Against Cancer?

According to research from the National Research Council of Milan, Italy, patients with Alzheimer’s disease have a lower risk of developing cancer, while seniors with cancer have lower chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease compared to cancer-free patients of the same age. The study, reported in the journal Neurology and reported by Medical News Today, was…


By On April 9th, 2013

ALS And MS May Be Closely Linked

Discoveries stemming from a study of mice found that ALS and multiple sclerosis may have more in common than ever thought before because both could involve the myelin insulation that protects nerve cells. The new discoveries still need to be confirmed but scientists believe these findings could yield new drug targets to slow or even…


By On March 27th, 2013

Parkinson’s Increases Risk of Dementia

There are two ways one can develop dementia: through damage, such as a stroke, or through disease, such as Alzheimer’s. Recently, Norwegian researchers conducted a study of Parkinson’s Disease patients and their development from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. Medical News Today has the full report, but their findings suggest that Parkinson’s patients are at…

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