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By On July 22nd, 2013

Why Are Women Dealing With Mental Illness More Than Men?

The days of “treating hysteria” in women unhappy and disenfranchised by their place in society may be over, but Daniel Freeman says women’s current role in the United States may be a reason more women suffer from mental illness than men. Since those more sexist days, conversation about the intrinsic differences between men and women…


By On July 9th, 2013

UCLA Researchers Claim To Have Found The Cause of Narcolepsy

In 2000, researchers at the UCLA Center for Sleep Research published a study showing that people suffering from narcolepsy had 90 percent fewer neurons containing the neuropeptide hypocretin in their brains than normal people. It was the first sign that narcolepsy, a disorder characterized by the inability to control when you fall asleep, may have…


By On January 22nd, 2013

Salivary Glands Hold Key to Parkinson’s Diagnoses

I was shocked to learn that, currently, there is no diagnostic test for Parkinson’s disease. That may soon be changing, however. Doctors have found abnormal proteins present in salivary glands during autopsies of Parkinson’s patients. They now believe they’ve developed a biopsy test that can find these proteins and give them a reliable diagnoses before…


By On January 3rd, 2013

Long Term Effects of A Single Stroke

Recent studies suggest that even a relatively small stroke can lead to disability and possibly dementia. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, determined tissue damage can occur even if only a single blood vessel in the brain is blocked. This means that damage similar to that observed in dementia patients can occur in…


By On November 29th, 2012

Lunar Cycle and Mental Health: A Persistent Myth

80-percent of nurses and 64-percent of doctors surveyed believe that a patient’s mental health is influenced by the lunar cycle. That, to me, sounds like information from a century ago, but the belief persists to this day. In order to finally overcome this myth, researchers in Canada published a study that finds no link between…

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