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By On May 9th, 2014

Recovery Tip: Remember to PRIMP daily

Written by: Janice Ponds, LADC , CBIS One of the most difficult challenges those in recovery from substance abuse/dependence issues face is how to maintain their sobriety.  In spite of their best efforts to live a clean and sober lifestyle; the reality is that many will relapse.  An important factor in learning how to effectively…


By On April 15th, 2013

Powerful Presentation by Janice Ponds, MA, LADC

  Janice Ponds, MA, LADC is one our therapists at Brookhaven Hospital.  She specializes in and is passionate about helping people with substance abuse issues.  Janice gave a presentation entitled, “Stages of Addiction, Stages of Change and Levels of Care,” to attendees of our Pastoral Seminar Series on April 11, 2013.  A big part of…

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