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By On January 18th, 2017

Depression May Be As Bad For Your Heart As Obesity

Estimates from the World Health Organization suggest approximately 350 million people around the world live with depression. It is one of the most prevalent mental illnesses and can be mentally debilitating, but many don’t know it can also have a physical impact. Depression can affect numerous parts of the body such as sleep, appetite, and…


By On April 1st, 2014

New Study Links Heart Health With Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

Adding further evidence to the notion that your heart health is essential in preserving mental health, a new study says that heart disease increases the odds of developing dementia. Researchers led by Timothy Hughes, from the department of internal medicine at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. report that artery stiffness – known as atherosclerosis…


By On January 2nd, 2014

Heart Disease Could Be Contributing To Cognitive Decline In Older Women

A new study says older women with a history of heart problems were more likely to develop thinking and memory problems than those without heart disease, adding evidence to a link doctors had already suspected existed. Women who had suffered a heart attack were specifically affected, seeing their risk jump twice as high as healthy…

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