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By On May 25th, 2015

Study Finds Strong Ties Between Gambling and Depression in Men

A new study published in Springer’s Journal of Gambling Studies shows that male chronic gamblers face extraordinarily high odds of experiencing depression. The findings come from a team of researchers led by Frédéric Dussault, Ph.D., of the University of Quebec at Montreal in Canada. For the study, the researchers used data from an ongoing long-term…


By On February 13th, 2015

Is Gambling Addiction Related To Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Researchers have noted physiological and behavioral similarities between problematic gambling and substance abuse, but a new study has also established genetic and behavioral links between problem gambling habits and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A team of researchers at Yale, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the St. Louis University School of Medicine published a new study…


By On June 18th, 2014

Researchers Find Hereditary Link in Pathological Gambling

When the topic of addiction disorders arises, substance and alcohol abuse are always at the forefront of the discussion while other addiction disorders get pushed to the side under skepticism. While there is clearly plenty of work to do be done to progress the biological mechanisms that contribute to addiction-related disorders like pathological gambling, a…


By On April 10th, 2014

Scientists Find Part of Brain Responsible For Gambling Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms, but unfortunately some addictions are treated more seriously than others. It isn’t difficult for most people to understand that drug and alcohol addiction is a multifaceted issue that is as biological as it is mental, but other non-substance abuse related addictions often get ignored under the assumption there is no…

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