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By On May 11th, 2016

Create a Lifestyle that will Change You

 Written by Joleen Wilson, RD/LD, CNSC, CBIS, Dietitian for Pathway to Eating Disorders Treatment at Brookhaven Hospital With Spring in full swing and Summer right around the corner, many may have lost sight of their “New Year’s Resolution”, which often involves lifestyle changes that produce weight loss or that get us in the gym more often. …


By On June 25th, 2014

Exercise Could Be an Important Part of Depression Treatment

Exercise has numerous well-known health benefits, but man are unfamiliar with the use of exercise to help manage depression. While exercise isn’t quite a direct depression treatment, it does act as an adjunct treatment for relieving symptoms associated with multiple mental illnesses including depression. It is so useful in addressing many the many symptoms of…


By On September 9th, 2013

Exercise May Help Prevent Epilepsy In Men

No one doubts that exercise is good for your overall health, but many will be surprised to hear that keeping fit can help fight off epilepsy later in life, at least if you’re male. According to a new study from Sweden, published in the September 4 online edition of Neurology, young men with a fit…


By On August 20th, 2013

Exercise Helps With Insomnia … Eventually

The common wisdom has long been that exercising during the day makes you sleep better at night. But, unfortunately for insomniacs, this isn’t exactly true. A new study says that exercise doesn’t immediately translate into better sleep. You have to stick with it for months before you will see a result. The study, published in…


By On July 3rd, 2013

How Does Exercise Make You Better At Handling Anxiety?

Researchers have long wondered how exercise affects our brain. They became especially interested since it was discovered that exercise not only prompts the creation of new brain cells which are known to be very excitable, while also creating an overall pattern of calm in other areas of the brain. When neurons are created they are…


By On April 2nd, 2013

Amount Of Activity Key To Improving Cognitive Function

Remaining physically and mentally active has long been considered a key to fighting, or at least delaying, cognitive decline. A recent study seems to suggest, however, that the type of activity is less important than the amount of activity. Mary Ann Moon has the full report for Clinical Psychiatry News. One important aspect of the…


By On January 10th, 2013

Exercise For A Healthy Mind

Whether you’re suffering from depression or just feeling a bit lethargic, exercise can often be as effective as medication. Research has shown that even 20 minutes a day of physical activity can make a world of difference in your overall health, which includes your mental health. Katy Read of the Star Tribune reports that this…

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