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By On March 18th, 2014

Researchers Say Bipolar Disorder and Epilepsy May Be Linked

Evidence suggesting that bipolar disorder and epilepsy may be different expressions of common pathways continues to grow as a preliminary study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders shows. The study used a convenience sample of hospital visitors to see that epilepsy was significantly more common among first-degree relatives of patients with bipolar disorder than…


By On December 5th, 2013

Implantable Device Suppresses Seizures From The Inside

A new medical device may provide provide epilepsy sufferers with relief from seizures by suppressing them immediately as they begin. Researchers announced that clinical trials of the Responsive Neurostimulator System (RNS) show the device can decrease the number of monthly seizures by nearly 38 percent. According to Futurity, the device received approval from the Food…


By On September 19th, 2013

A Cancer Drug May Be Able To Treat Drug Resistant Seizures

A drug commonly used to treat cancer might offer an effective means of fighting cases of epilepsy that are otherwise resistant to medicine, according to a new study from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center published in Annals of Neurology on September 10th. Most forms of epilepsy are able to be controlled and managed with the…


By On September 9th, 2013

Exercise May Help Prevent Epilepsy In Men

No one doubts that exercise is good for your overall health, but many will be surprised to hear that keeping fit can help fight off epilepsy later in life, at least if you’re male. According to a new study from Sweden, published in the September 4 online edition of Neurology, young men with a fit…


By On August 26th, 2013

Reducing Epilepsy Drug Dosage May Lower Chance of Birth Defects

Many women on medication for epilepsy find the desire to begin a family can be absolutely terrifying because of the high risk of having a child with a range of disabilities or malformations. But, researchers in Australia have found a possible solution that may give epileptic women greater chances of having a healthy and happy…


By On July 16th, 2013

Doctors Suggest Children With Epilepsy Should Take Vitamin D

A recent review article by the doctors at Leicaster Royal Infirmary’s Department of Paediatric Neurology in the UK connects possible bone health problems in children and young adults with epilepsy. These bone health issues could put the children at higher risk for broken bones than children their age without epilepsy. The report suggests the risk…


By On May 30th, 2013

Treatment For Epilepsy, Anxiety Already In Brain

Researchers at Stanford University believe they may have discovered a naturally occurring protein found in mammalian brains that could help treat epileptic seizures, sleep disorders and anxiety. As reported by Stanford’s website, the protein, diazepam binding inhibitor, or DBI, could provide a treatment option for epilepsy with less side-effects than current treatments. DBI would fall into…


By On November 13th, 2012

Researchers Discover Part of Brain Responsible for Seizures

For those who suffer from seizures, a cure may soon be as simple as turning on a light. Researchers at Stanford and Curie University in France have discovered that a part of the brain, called the thalamus, is essential for continuing seizures. They then found a way to alter DNA in rats to stop thalamus…

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