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By On April 10th, 2013

You Probably Can’t Pinpoint Migraine Cause

If you’re a migraine sufferer, you’ve likely put some thought into what might be causing them. You’ve probably thought about what you did earlier in the day, what you ate and drank and how you were feeling leading up to the migraine occurring. While food intake, stress levels, hormone levels and even weather can all…


By On October 31st, 2012

Exercise Key to Reducing Dementia in Seniors?

Regardless of your age, rarely would a physician advise you to exercise less. A recent study even suggests that physically active seniors are less likely to develop dementia than those who exercise less. As reported by Dr. Robin Wulffson for EmaxHealth, the study originated from the Department of Neurology at Cal-Irvine. Researchers obverved the physical…

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